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EPC Learning Labs’ mission is to accelerate leadership mastery, so leaders can successfully solve the most challenging problems of business and government.


We deliver a novel learning approach — some might call it ground-breaking — that can achieve substantially higher success rates for building demonstrable leadership capabilities with a breakthrough return on investment. 

What makes EPC Learning Labs’ programs truly epic?

Do traditional leadership development programs work?

Traditional leader development programs fail to develop mastery and produce the leaders we need now. Sadly, few leadership development programs integrate and entwine the essentials of adult learning: learning from experts, learning from experience, and learning from others. Without integrating and entwining these approaches to learning in an individual’s workflow, mastery of leadership capabilities usually remains elusive.

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To generate ground-breaking innovation, we separated leadership development into the phases of Learn, Practice, and Master. We then innovated within each phase as well as across them to accelerate leadership mastery by entwining learning from experts, peers, and experience. Our unique approach of Expert-led Peer-group Coaching (EPC) transforms participant workflow into their own learning labs. Please read on to discover more about our ground-breaking innovations.



EPC Learning Labs' programs deliver unique, research-based content that tackles today’s most pressing leadership challenges. Rather than promoting leadership “behaviors,” our learning philosophy centers around advancing a leader’s ability to think. 


Every program uses state-of-the art andragogy that is designed based on how adults learn. This method accounts for a lifetime of experience and provides unique frameworks to transfer theory to practice. It also provides engaging style and structure to avoid Zoom fatigue.

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EPC Learning Labs supports learners in the application of content in their workflow, an essential component often missing in traditional leadership development programs. The expert who delivered the content meets with smaller groups (called micro-learning communities) to coach them as they convert what they have learned into practice.


Mastery is advanced when learners can receive guidance from an expert as well as from peers when they run into unanticipated circumstances when applying new techniques and models. Our expert-led peer group coaching (EPC) meetings give this support and guidance, which accelerates leadership mastery.




Leadership mastery is not automatic; it is a journey. The first part of that journey is richer and more successful if after launching their journey, the travelers receive expert-led coaching and support as they apply new ideas in their workflow. Continuing the journey is made easier when the traveler is not alone. Therefore, EPC Learning Labs creates micro-learning communities that empower travelers to continue their journey to mastery without the expert. 


Mastery is achieved only when it can be demonstrated. Through a quantitative survey and also a qualitative assessment, we assess each leader's mastery quotient pre- and post-program. 

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You, too, can develop the leaders we need now.

Join with EPC Learning Labs to revolutionize your leadership development program. Dramatically increase your return on investment in terms of both measurable results and lower costs.


We hope you will join us on this journey. Please contact us to learn how you can make your leadership development efforts truly epic.

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