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Learn: Our Approach

Thinking First

Most leadership development programs focus on teaching behaviors. Instead, EPC Learning Labs focuses on advancing a leader’s ability to engage in “structured” thinking.  Structure refers to a set of very specific process that help leaders, their teams, and their organizations to methodically find, frame, and formulate the many challenges they confront in order to successfully resolve or overcome them. With the challenge comprehensively identified, leaders can choose the right behaviors to lead the organization in creating new value for the clients, customers, and constituencies.

Teaching Adults

Adult learning is different; hence, pedagogy (the method of teaching) must give way to andragogy (the method of teaching adults).  EPC Learning Labs uses a novel six-step andragogy that not only accounts for the unique challenges of how adults learn, but also takes advantage of it.  In this video, our chief social scientist and recipient of the Strategic Management Society’s Educator Impact Award, Jackson Nickerson, discusses pedagogy and andragogy. 

Unique Frameworks to Transfer Theory to Practice

Much of the knowledge needed for developing leaders comes from academic research. Yet all too often, a gap exists between academic theory and how it can be conveyed, learned, and applied in practice. EPC Learning Labs closes this gap. Our unique frameworks translate theory into practical knowledge and methods that learners can readily remember and apply.  

Engaging Virtual Instruction

“Zoom fatigue” is real and pervasive. More broadly, stellar leadership development programs delivered synchronously online is rare. EPC Learning Labs has studied extensively best practices of virtual learning and adapted them for busy adults. We use a design protocol that practically eliminates Zoom fatigue, stimulates engagement, and enhances learning. Our programs also reduce workflow back-up, because they are spread over two days, lasting no more than 2 hours a day.

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