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Master: Our Approach

The journey to leadership mastery faces many impediments. Workflow deadlines, an overload of tasks, constant juggling of demands, and mental blocks for how to apply leadership concepts in new circumstances all can impede advancement to mastery. Fortunately, all these impediments can be overcome if the journey is not taken alone. 

Peer-Group Coaching


During EPC meetings in the prior “Practice” phase, our expert models and shares specific coaching protocols to be used during peer group meetings. These protocols are designed to enhance trust, build commitment, and help the peer group sustain each other as they continue their journey to mastery. Modeling of protocols by our expert is vital, as many approaches to peer coaching are fundamentally flawed.


Peer group coaching therefore begins after the two EPC meetings in the “Practice” phase. The micro-communities meet on their own 6 and 8 weeks after content delivery and engage in peer-group coaching using the EPC Learning Labs specific protocols. These protocols facilitate learning from one’s own experience and well as learning vicariously from others in experiences, which can accelerate the journey to leadership mastery. 

Assessment and Results


Each EPC program evolves over approximately 3 months, starting with a total of 4 hours of content sessions followed by expert-led and later peer-group coaching meetings. The program culminates in a final session with EPC during which the new “masters” share with the expert their progress in developing new leadership capabilities.

EPC Learning Labs provides participants with a guide to write a short narrative describing how they were able to achieve outcomes that they otherwise would not have been able to achieve without the content. These stories, in conjunction with responses to a survey, provide a conservative estimate on the short-run return on investment of the leadership development program


Because EPC Learning Labs incorporates all three methods of learning — from experts, from experience, and from others — and unfolds over several months, leadership development is deeper, richer, and produces demonstrable results. Learners who have traveled the Learn. Practice. Master. journey become the “go-to” leaders in their organizations, called upon for their mastery in tackling today’s most pressing leadership challenges.

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